Futures Contract Valuation Spreadsheet

Enhance your understanding of futures contracts with our simple and straightforward ‘Futures Contract Valuation Spreadsheet’. Ideal for beginners, this free tool helps you grasp the basics of futures pricing and valuation.

Futures Contract Valuation Spreadsheet

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Introducing our ‘Futures Contract Valuation Spreadsheet’ – a straightforward, no-frills tool designed for those new to futures trading. This free spreadsheet serves as an educational resource to support your learning and understanding of futures markets. It aligns with the content of our educational video, ‘Futures Prices Explained’, covering topics such as the basics of futures prices, an introduction to Contango, and a simple method to calculate the value of a futures contract.

While the spreadsheet does not offer real-time data connectivity or complex analytical tools, it provides a solid foundation for beginners. You can manually enter data to explore how futures prices might behave over time and understand the fundamental aspects of futures contract valuation.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use format for beginners.
  • Sections correlating with key topics in our instructional video.
  • Basic framework for understanding futures prices and Contango.
  • Manual data entry for learning the calculation of futures contract value.

Our ‘Futures Contract Valuation Spreadsheet’ is an ideal starting point for those seeking to gain a basic understanding of futures trading concepts without the complexity of real-time data integration or advanced analysis tools.”

This revised description presents the spreadsheet in a more modest light, highlighting its educational value and simplicity, suitable for those just starting out in futures trading.

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