International Stock & Currency Converter for Google Sheets

This Google Sheets file lets you easily fetch stock prices from international exchanges. With an integrated currency converter, it automatically converts stock values to USD based on current exchange rates. Designed for straightforward use, there’s no complex setup required. Perfect for individual investors aiming to monitor their global investments in USD. Enjoy a free, basic, and efficient tool for your international stock tracking needs.


International Stock & Currency Converter for Google Sheets

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  • User-Friendly Design: This Google Sheets template is crafted for ease, allowing users to effortlessly fetch and monitor stock prices from a variety of international exchanges.
  • Integrated Currency Converter: The template features an automatic currency conversion tool that swiftly translates stock values into USD, using the latest exchange rates available.
  • No Complex Setup: Aimed at providing a hassle-free experience, users don’t have to go through intricate processes. Simply input the desired stocks, and the sheet does the work.
  • Ideal for Individual Investors: Whether you’re a novice or seasoned investor, this tool is perfect for those looking to keep an eye on their international assets and their USD value.
  • Cost-Efficient Tool: It’s not just simple; it’s also free. Offering a no-frills solution, it’s the ideal companion for those wanting a straightforward approach to global stock tracking.

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