Microsoft Excel Template for Key Rate Duration & Key Rate Shifts

The Microsoft Excel Template for Key Rate Duration & Key Rate Shifts is an educational tool that simplifies complex financial calculations. It offers users a deeper understanding of the Annual Coupon Paying Bond, the Spot Yield Curve, Calculating Macaulay Duration, Yield Curve Shifts, and Key Rate Duration. This downloadable, customizable file comes equipped with pre-formulated functions for ease of use and hands-on learning, ideal for those seeking to boost their knowledge in finance and risk management. Please note, this template is for educational purposes and does not substitute for professional financial advice!

Microsoft Excel Template for Key Rate Duration & Key Rate Shifts

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Make complex financial calculations simple with our carefully designed Microsoft Excel Template for Key Rate Duration & Key Rate Shifts. Brought to you by Ryan O’Connell, CFA, FRM, this dynamic and user-friendly tool aims to bring you a deeper understanding of key financial concepts and their application in real-world scenarios.

The template efficiently breaks down the topics as follows:

  • Annual Coupon Paying Bond (0:00): A comprehensive guide to understand the annual coupon paying bond, its structure and functionality.
  • The Spot Yield Curve (0:48): A practical explanation and demonstration of the Spot Yield Curve and its impact on the bond’s value.
  • Calculating Macaulay Duration (1:20): Understand and calculate the Macaulay Duration, an important concept for measuring a bond’s interest rate risk.
  • Yield Curve Shifts (2:10): In-depth overview of yield curve shifts, explaining how they affect bond prices and interest rates.
  • Key Rate Duration Explained (2:36): Detailed breakdown of the Key Rate Duration, offering insights into its role in bond portfolio risk management.

This intuitive, downloadable Excel file comes with pre-formulated functions, which can be easily adjusted and customized to fit your needs. Learn how these essential financial concepts work and leverage this knowledge in your personal or professional financial analysis projects.

Note: This template is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Users are advised to consult with a financial advisor before making financial decisions. This product is a creation of Portfolio Constructs LLC.

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